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 — Myles Marlow


#10. RUDELING ARRIVES is the tenth and final track for TUNE.  It lives deep in the intersection of music and sound design where things squeak, sproing, splat and whirr. The story is about a character named Rudeling. Here’s how I described him to Scot: Rudeling is a personable fellow, very polite, but cannot keep himself from overdoing nearly everything and that frustrates him. He’s also quite scattered. Rudeling almost always overdresses. 

In RUDELING ARRIVES he’s wearing a tuxedo to a pool party, not to be funny or to make a statement, but just because it made him feel sharp and spiffy when he was getting dressed. Once at the party, he also overdoes it.  It occurs in the music from 1:48 to 2:43, the slowed down section (I call it the “Underwater section).

Rudeling gets the idea to strap 15lb dumbbells to his feet, and maybe flippers, and then steps off the edge of the pool, fully dressed into the deep end.  He’s practicing walking underwater on the pool floor while holding his breath.

One other thing, not actually in this tune might give you some insight into Rudeling’s character. He’s born to privilege, yet he dreams of being an average Joe. But he keeps forgetting how to do it.  For example, at dinner, if a woman stands up to leave the table, he jumps to his feet, and clicks his heels. Then remembers that this isn’t a contemporary gesture, so he sits back down, a bit embarrassed.  But he invariably forgets the lesson and does the same thing as soon as she comes back to the table. I picture Rudeling as perhaps 50% Cary Grant, 50% John Candy.

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RUDELING ARRIVES is the tenth and final track released on YouTube and Tumblr for the album, TUNE, by composer Myles Marlow. TUNE is the first album to be released solely by means of Social Media, with no physical, digital, or buyable product. Every Monday for ten weeks starting on January 23, 2011, a new track including a new Scot Howard illustration, has been released here and on http://MylesMarlow.com

There’s nothing to buy here, so if you enjoy it, please share it with your friends and link to it on your web pages. We appreciate the support. Here’s a link to cut and paste for the YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAERNfSscBw  Illustration by Scot Howard, The Digital Butterfly Project, http://DigitalButterfly.com